B I T    O F    N O R W A Y   is a norwegian family company based in Tønsberg (N), selling wonderful norwegian products like scarves and hand knitted norwegian wool pullovers.

The scarves are designed with prints from Bit of Norway and also norwegian naturephotographers like Trym Ivar Bergsmo (www.arcticimage.no) who makes photographs showing the Arctic Landscape in the far North  - and in different types of light, the magical dark season, the return of the light and with the midnight sun.

I am very happy that Bit of Norway has chosen several of my photographs for their scarves  including "Hjorthfjellet-Spitsbergen" with which one I exhibited at the Museum "Louvre"Paris (FRA) and won several international competitions.

Bit of Norway mainly produce scarves in two different material, modal/silk and cashmere/silk. The first for summertime and the other for all seasons. Both qualities work excellent for image printing and comfort.If you are interested in ordering products you can contact me isabelle.bacher@gmail.com or the managing director Kirsten Lexberg kirsten@bitofnorway.no                                                    We would be very happy to send you the products and hopefully you will love them too :-).

The prices are:     Skarf  made of modal/silk  NOK 960  / EURO 96          Skarf made of  cashmere  NOK 1960  / EURO 196                                                                                                                                                          (Shipping costs are not included in the price. The delivery time is about three weeks.)

The scarves are also available at:

POLARIA  Tromsø   http://www.polaria.no    GALLERI EVA HARR  Reine, Lofoten   https://www.evaharr.no   .   GALLERI LOFOTEN Henningsvær, Lofoten  https://www.galleri-lofoten.no                 BY NORWEGIANS, GLASMAGASINET Oslo  https://www.bynorwegians.no/     JOTUNHEIMEN NATURPARKSENTER  Lom   .   SMYKKEVERKET Bærumsverk http://smykkeverket.no   .  MILLEA Asker https://www.facebook.com/milleaas   .   FINT  i Son, https://www.facebook.com/fintison  STEINBITEN Ramberg i Lofoten, https://www.facebook.com/steinbitenramberg  .    MONICAS GAVER Veggli https://www.facebook.com/monicasinterior  TURTAGRØ  HOTELL Turtagrø http://www.turtagro.no     MIDGARDSENTERET Horten http://midgardsenteret.no/

Soon the products from BIT OF NORWAY are available in Austria too. If you want to check out the other scarves and the wonderful hand knitted norwegian pullovers (will come during autumn 2018) check out the website from www.bitofnorway.no

All model pictures where taken with STELLA TEHANI.

01 H J O R T H F J E L L E T - SPITSBERGEN (206cm x 103 cm)

02 T U N A G L A C I E R - SPITSBERGEN  (206cm  x  103cm)

03 L O F O T E N S    M O U N T A I N S - LOFOTEN  (185cm x 77cm)